Year 2 Year Old Male 2 Year Old Female 3 Year Old Male 3 Year Old Female Older or Handicap Male Older or
Handicap Female
Turf Male Turf  Female Male
Steeplechaser Horse of the Year
1936 Pompoon Apogee Granville High Fleet Discovery Myrtlewood no selection no selection no selection Myrtlewood Bushranger Granville
      Bold Venture                  
1937 Menow Jacola War Admiral Dawn Play Seabiscuit Esposa no selection no selection no selection no selection Jungle King War Admiral
1938 El Chico Inscoelda Stagehand Handcuff Seabiscuit Marica no selection no selection no selection no selection no selection Seabiscuit
1939 Bimelech Now What Challedon Unerring Kayak II Lady Maryland no selection no selection no selection no selection no selection Challedon
        War Plumage                
1940 Our Boots Level Best Bimelech Fairy Chant Challedon War Plumage no selection no selection no selection no selection no selection Challedon
1941 Alsab Petrify Whirlaway Painted Veil Mioland Fairy Chant no selection no selection no selection no selection Speculate Whirlaway
          Big Pebble              
1942 Count Fleet Askmenow Alsab Vagrancy Whirlaway Vagrancy no selection no selection no selection no selection Elkridge Whirlaway
1943 Platter Duranza Count Fleet Stefanita Devil Diver Mar-Kell no selection no selection no selection no selection Brother Jones Count Fleet
  Occupy Twilight Tear     Market Wise              
1944 Pavot Busher By Jimminy Twilight Tear Devil Diver Twilight Tear no selection no selection no selection no selection Rouge Dragon Twilight Tear
1945 Star Pilot Beaugay Fighting Step Busher Stymie Busher no selection no selection no selection no selection Mercator Busher
1946 Double Jay First Flight Assault Bridal Flower Armed Gallorette no selection no selection no selection no selection Elkridge Assault
1947 Citation Bewitch Phalanx But Why Not Armed But Why Not no selection no selection Polynesian no selection War Battle Armed
1948 Blue Peter Myrtle Charm Citation Miss Request Citation Conniver no selection no selection Coaltown no selection American Way Citation
          Shannon II              
1949 Hill Prince Bed o' Roses Capot Two Lea Coaltown Bewitch no selection no selection Delegate no selection Trough Hill Capot
  Oil Capitol     Wistful         Royal Governor     Coaltown
1950 Battlefield Aunt Jinny Hill Prince Next Move Noor Two Lea no selection no selection Sheilas Reward no selection Oedipus Hill Prince
1951 Tom Fool Rose Jet Counterpoint Kiss Me Kate Hill Prince Bed o' Roses no selection no selection Sheilas Reward no selection Oedipus Counterpoint
1952 Native Dancer Sweet Patootie One Count Real Delight Crafty Admiral Real Delight no selection no selection Tea-Maker no selection Jam One Count
            Next Move         Oedipus Native Dancer
1953 Porterhouse Evening Out Native Dancer Grecian Queen Tom Fool Sickle's Image Kayak II no selection Tom Fool no selection The Mast Tom Fool
  Hasty Road                      
1954 Nashua High Voltage High Gun Parlo Native Dancer Lavendar Hill Stan no selection White Skies no selection King Commander Native Dancer
1955 Needles Doubledogdare Nashua Misty Morn High Gun Misty Morn St. Vincent no selection Berseem no selection Neji Nashua
  Nail Nasrina       Parlo            
1956 Barbizon Leallah Needles Doubledogdare Swaps Blue Sparkler Career Boy no selection Decathlon no selection Shipboard Swaps
1957 Jewel's Reward Idun Bold Ruler Bayou Dedicate Pucker Up Round Table no selection Decathlon no selection Neji Bold Ruler
  Nadir                     Dedicate
1958 First Landing Quill Tim Tam Idun Round Table Bornastar Round Table no selection Bold Ruler no selection Neji Round Table
1959 Warfare My Dear Girl Sword Dancer Silver Spoon Round Table Tempted Round Table no selection Intentionally no selection Ancestor Sword Dancer
        Royal Native Sword Dancer              
1960 Hail to Reason Bowl of Flowers Kelso Berlo Bald Eagle Royal Native no selection no selection no selection no selection Benguala Kelso
1961 Crimson Satan Cicada Carry Back Bowl of Flowers Kelso Airmans Guide T.V. Lark no selection no selection no selection Peal Kelso
1962 Never Bend Smart Deb Jaipur Cicada Kelso Primonetta no selection no selection no selection no selection Barnabys Bluff Kelso
1963 Raise a Native Castle Forbes Chateaugay Lamb Chop Kelso Cicada Mongo no selection no selection no selection Amber Diver Kelso
  Hurry to Market Tosmah                    
1964 Bold Lad Queen Empress Northern Dancer Tosmah Kelso Tosmah no selection no selection no selection no selection Bon Nouvel Kelso
            Old Hat            
1965 Buckpasser Moccasin Tom Rolfe What a Treat Roman Brother Old Hat Parka no selection no selection Affectionately Bon Nouvel Roman Brother
            Affectionately           Moccasin
1966 Successor Regal Gleam Buckpasser Lady Pitt Buckpasser Open Fire Assagai no selection Impressive no selection Tuscalee Buckpasser
    Mira Femme     Bold Bidder Summer Scandal         Mako  
1967 Vitriolic Queen of the Stage Damascus Furl Sail Damascus Straight Deal Fort Marcy no selection Dr. Fager no selection Quick Pitch Damascus
        Gamely Buckpasser              
1968 Top Knight Process Shot Stage Door Johnny Dark Mirage Dr. Fager Gamely Dr. Fager no selection Dr. Fager no selection Bon Nouvel Dr. Fager
    Gallant Bloom Forward Pass       Fort Marcy          
1969 Silent Screen Fast Attack Arts and Letters Gallant Bloom Arts and Letters Gamely Hawaii no selection no selection Ta Wee L'Escargot Arts and Letters
    Tudor Queen     Nodouble Gallant Bloom            
1970 Hoist the Flag Forward Gal Personality Office Queen Fort Marcy Shuvee Fort Marcy no selection no selection Ta Wee Top Bid Fort Marcy
        Fanfreluche Nodouble             Personality
1971 Riva Ridge Numbered Account Canonero II Turkish Trousers Ack Ack Shuvee Run the Gantlet no selection Ack Ack no selection Shadow Brook Ack Ack
1972 Secretariat La Prevoyante Key to the Mint Susan's Girl Autobiography Typecast Cougar II no selection no selection Chou Croute Soothsayer II Secretariat
1973 Protagonist Talking Picture Secretariat Desert Vixen Riva Ridge Susan's Girl Secretariat no selection Shecky Greene no selection Athenian Idol Secretariat
1974 Foolish Pleasure Ruffian Little Current Chris Evert Forego Desert Vixen no selection Dahlia Forego no selection Gran Kan Forego
1975 Honest Pleasure Dearly Precious Wajima Ruffian Forego Susan's Girl Snow Knight no selection Gallant Bob no selection Life's Illusion Forego
1976 Seattle Slew Sensational Bold Forbes Revidere Forego Proud Delta Youth no selection no selection My Juliet Straight and True Forego
1977 Affirmed Lakeville Miss Seattle Slew Our Mims Forego Cascapedia Johnny D. no selection no selection What a Summer Café Prince Seattle Slew
1978 Spectacular Bid Candy Eclair Affirmed Tempest Queen Seattle Slew Late Bloomer Mac Diarmida no selection Dr. Patches no selection Café Prince Affirmed
    It's in the Air             J.O. Tobin no selection     
1979 Rockhill Native Smart Angle Spectacular Bid Davona Dale Affimed Waya [FR] Bowl Game Trillion Star de Naskra no selection  Martie's Anger Affirmed
1980 Lord Avie Heavenly Cause Temperence Hill Genuine Risk Spectacular Bid Glorious Song John Henry Just a Game Plugged Nickle no selection  Zaccio Spectacular Bid
1981 Deputy Minister Before Dawn Pleasant Colony Wayward Lass John Henry Relaxing John Henry De La Rose Guilty Conscience no selection  Zaccio John Henry
1982 Roving Boy Landaluce Conquistador Cielo Christmas Past Lemhi Gold Track Robbery Perrault April Run no selection  Gold Beauty Zaccio Conquistador Cielo
1983 Devil's Bag Althea Slew o'Gold Heartlight No. 1 Bates Motel Ambassador of Luck John Henry All Along Chinook Pass no selection  Flatterer All Along
1984 Chief's Crown Outstandingly Swale Life's Magic Slew o'Gold Princess Rooney John Henry Royal Heroine Eillo no selection  Flatterer John Henry
1985 Tasso Family Style Spend a Buck Mom's Command Vanlandingham Life's Magic Cozzene Pebbles Precisionist no selection  Flatterer Spend a Buck
1986 Capote Brave Raj Snow Chief Tiffany Lass Turkoman Lady's Secret Manila Estrapade Smile no selection  Flatterer Lady's Secret
1987 Forty Niner Epitome Alysheba Sacahuista Ferdinand North Sider Theatrical Miesque Groovy no selection  Inlander Ferdinand
1988 Easy Goer Open Mind Risen Star Winning Colors Alysheba Personal Ensign Sunshine Forever Miesque Gulch no selection  Jimmy Lorenzo Alysheba
1989 Rhythm Go For Wand Sunday Silence Open Mind Blushing John Bayakoa Steinlen Brown Bess no selection  Safely Kept Highland Bud Sunday Silence
1990 Fly So Free Meadow Star Unbridled Go For Wand Criminal Type Bayakoa Itsallgreektome Laugh and Be Merry Housebuster no selection  Morley Street Criminal Type
1991 Arazi Pleasant Stage Hansel Dance Smartly Black Tie Affair Queena Tight Spot Miss Alleged Housebuster no selection  Morley Street Black Tie Affair
1992 Gilded Time Eliza A.P. Indy Saratoga Dew Pleasant Tap Paseana Sky Classic Flawlessly Rubiano no selection  Lonesome Glory A.P. Indy
1993 Dehere Phone Chatter Prairie Bayou Hollywood Wildcat Bertrando Paseana Kotashaan Flawlessly Cardmania no selection Lonesome Glory Kotashaan
1994 Timber Country Flanders Holy Bull Heavenly Prize The Wicked North Sky Beauty Paradise Creek Hatoof Cherokee Run no selection  Warm Spell Holy Bull
1995 Maria's Mon Golden Attraction Thunder Gulch Serena's Song Cigar Inside Information Northern Spur Possibly Perfect Not Surprising no selection Lonesome Glory Cigar
1996 Boston Harbor Storm Song Skip Away Yanks Music Cigar Jewel Princess Singspiel Wandesta Lit De Justice no selection  Correggio Cigar
1997 Favorite Trick Countess Diana Silver Charm Ajina Skip Away Hidden Lake Chief Bearhart Ryafan Smoke Glacken no selection Lonesome Glory Favorite Trick
1998 Answer Lively Silverbulletday Real Quiet Banshee Breeze Skip Away Escena Buck's Boy Fiji Reraise no selection  Flat Top Skip Away
1999 Anees Chilukki Charismatic Silverbulletday Victory Gallop Beautiful Pleasure Daylami Soaring Softly Artax no selection Lonesome Glory Charismatic
2000 Macho Uno Caressing Tiznow Surfside Lemon Drop Kid Riboletta Kalanisi Perfect Sting Kona Gold no selection  All Gong Tiznow
2001 Johannesburg Tempera Point Given Xtra Heat Tiznow Gourmet Girl Fantastic Light Banks Hill Squirtle Squirt no selection Pompeyo [CHI] Point Given
2002 Vindication Storm Flag Flying War Emblem Farda Amiga Left Bank Azeri High Chaparral  Golden Apples Orientate no selection  Flat Top Azeri
2003 Action This Day Halfbridled Funny Cide Bird Town Mineshaft Azeri High Chaparral  Islington Aldebaran no selection McDynamo Mineshaft
2004 Declan's Moon Sweet Catomine Smarty Jones Ashado Ghostzapper Azeri Kitten's Joy Ouija Board (GB) Speightstown no selection  Hirapour Ghostzapper
2005 Stevie Wonderboy Folklore Afleet Alex Smuggler Saint Liam Ashado Leroidesanimaux [BRZ] Intercontinental [GB] Lost in the Fog no selection McDynamo Saint Liam
2006 Street Sense Dreaming of Anna Bernardini Wait a While Invasor (ARG) Fleet Indian Miesque’s Approval Ouija Board (GB) Thor’s Echo no selection  McDynamo Invasor (ARG)
2007 War Pass Indian Blessing Curlin Rags to Riches Lawyer Ron Ginger Punch English Channel Lahudood (GB) Midnight Lute Maryfield Good Night Shirt Curlin
2008 Midshipman Stardom Bound Big Brown Proud Spell Curlin Zenyatta Conduit (IRE) Forever Together Benny the Bull Indian Blessing Good Night Shirt Curlin
2009 Looking at Lucky She Be Wild Summer Bird Rachel Alexandra Gio Ponti Zenyatta Gio Ponti Goldikova (IRE) Kodiak Kowboy Indian Blessing Mixed Up Rachel Alexandra
2010 Uncle Mo Awesome Feather Looking at Lucky Blind Luck Gio Ponti Zenyatta Gio Ponti Goldikova (IRE) Kodiak Kowboy Indian Blessing Mixed Up Rachel Alexandra
2011 Hansen My Miss Aurelia Animal Kingdom Royal Delta Acclamation Havre de Grace Cape Blanco (IRE) Stacelita (FR) Amazombie Musical Romance  Black Jack Blues (IRE)  Havre de Grace
2012 Shanghai Bobby Beholder I'll Have Another Questing Wise Dan Royal Delta Wise Dan Zagora (FR) Trinniberg Groupie Doll Pierrot Lunaire Wise Dan
2013 Shared Belief She's a Tiger Will Take Charge Beholder Wise Dan Royal Delta Wise Dan Dank (GB) Points Offthebench Groupie Doll Divine Fortune Wise Dan
2014 American
Take Charge
California Chrome Untapable Main Sequence Close Hatches Main Sequence Dayatthespa Work All Week Judy the Beauty Demonstrative California Chrome
2015 Nyquist Songbird American Pharoah Stellar Wind Honor Code Beholder Big Blue Kitten Tepin Runhappy La Verdad Dawalan (FR) American Pharoah
2016 Classic Empire Champagne Room Arrogate Songbird California Chrome Beholder Flintshire (GB) Tepin Drefong Finest City Rawnaq (IRE) California Chrome
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