Man o' War breezing at Saratoga.

Historical American Champions 1887-1935

Descended from Man o' War


Since the selection of champions before 1936 was somewhat haphazard, turf journalists and historians eventually got together to select the historical champions.  This means that Man o’ War, whose stud career spanned the years 1921 through 1943, finally had the chance to include his most productive period at stud.  Now, not only do we honor the sole “official” champion War Admiral in 1937, we also recognize the selected champions American Flag, Florence Nightingale, Maid at Arms, Scapa Flow, Crusader, Edith Cavell, and Bateau.  All were champion offspring of Man o’ War before the more modern championship balloting process began.

Below is a chart of the Consensus American Historical Champions.  Apart from Big Red himself in 1919 and 1920, all horses marked in orange are descendants of Man o' War.  If you'd like to check on any horse's pedigree, click here:  Clicking this link will open the site in a new tab or window.

Along with the list of American 'Eclipse' Champions, there are more lists available.  First is the list of American classic winners, second is a list of the Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame inductees with Man o' War blood, and the third is the Top Racehorses of the 20th Century according to various polls.


Historical Consensus Champions
Year 2 Year Old Male 2 Year Old Female 3 Year Old Male 3 Year Old Female Handicap Male Handicap Female Horse of the Year
1887 Emperor of Norfolk Los Angeles Hanover Firenze Troubadour no selection Hanover
  Raceland   Kingston   The Bard    
1888 Proctor Knott no selection Emperor of Norfolk Los Angeles The Bard Firenze Emperor of Norfolk
      Sir Dixon Bella B. Kingston    
1889 El Rio Rey no selection Salvator Fides Kingston Firenze Salvator
1890 Potomac Sallie McClelland Tournament Sinaloa II Salvator Firenze Salvator
    La Tosca     Kingston    
1891 His Highness Yorkville Belle Potomac La Tosca Longstreet Los Angeles Longstreet
1892 Morello Lady Violet Tammany Yo Tambien Longstreet no selection Tammany
        Yorkville Belle      
1893 Domino no selection Clifford Tammany Lamplighter Yo Tambien Domino
1894 no selection The Butterflies Henry of Navarre Beldemere Clifford no selection Henry of Navarre
      Domino   Ramapo    
1895 Requital no selection Keenan The Butterflies Henry of Navarre no selection Henry of Navarre
  Ben Brush            
1896 Ogden Cleophus Requital Souffle Henry of Navarre no selection Requital
1897 Hamburg L'Alouette Ornament Cleophus Ben Brush no selection Ornament
1898 Jean Bereaud no selection Hamburg Briar Sweet Ornament no selection Hamburg
1899 Mesmerist no selection Ethelbert Admiration Voter Imp Imp
1900 Commando no selection Kilmarnock Killashandra Kinley Mack Imp Commando
1901 Nasturtium Endurance by Right Commando Trigger Banastar no selection Commando
    Blue Girl          
1902 Irish Lad Eugenia Burch Hermis Blue Girl Gold Heels no selection Hermis
1903 Highball Hamburg Belle Africander Eugenia Burch Hermis Gunfire Hermis
1904 Sysonby Artful Delhi Beldame Hermis Gunfire Beldame
    Tanya Ort Wells        
1905 Burgomaster Perverse Sysonby Artful Ort Wells Beldame Sysonby
        Tanya Delhi    
1906 Salvidere Court Dress Burgomaster Tangle Go Between no selection Burgomaster
      Accountant Running Water      
1907 Colin Stamina Peter Pan Court Dress Nealon no selection Colin
1908 Sir Martin Maskette Colin Stamina Ballot no selection Colin
1909 Sweep Ocean Bound FitzHerbert Maskette King James no selection FitzHerbert
1910 Novelty Bashti Dalmation Ocean Bound FitzHerbert no selection FitzHerbert
      Sweep   Ballot    
1911 Worth Moisant Meridian no selection Plate Glass no selection Meridian
1912 Helios Gowell The Manager no selection Star Charter Helen Barbee The Manager
1913 Old Rosebud Southern Maid Rock View Flying Fairy Whisk Broom II Flora Fina Whisk Broom II
1914 Pebbles Regret Roamer Addie M. Great Britain Pan Zareta Roamer
1915 Dominant Puss in Boots The Finn Regret Roamer no selection Regret
1916 Campfire Koh-I-Noor Friar Rock Kathleen Roamer no selection Friar Rock
          Short Grass    
1917 Sun Briar Rosie O'Grady Hourless Sunbonnet Old Rosebud Regret Old Rosebud
      Omar Khayyam        
1918 Billy Kelly Elfin Queen Johren Enfilade Cudgel no selection Johren
  Eternal   Eyelid        
1919 MAN O' WAR Constancy Sir Barton Vexatious Cudgel no selection Sir Barton
    Miss Jemima   Milkmaid Sun Briar    
1920 Tryster Careful MAN O' WAR Cleopatra Exterminator Milkmaid MAN O' WAR
1921 Morvich Startle Grey Lag Prudery Exterminator My Dear Grey Lag
          Mad Hatter    
1922 Zev Sally's Alley Whiskaway Emotion Exterminator Careful Exterminator
          Grey Lag    
1923 St. James Fluvanna Zev Untidy Grey Lag Chacolet Zev
  Wise Counsellor   In Memoriam        
1924 Master Charlie Mother Goose Sarazen Princess Doreen Epinard Chacolet Sarazen
    Maud Muller   Nellie Morse      
1925 Pompey Friar's Carse American Flag Florence Nightingale Sarazen Princess Doreen Sarazen
        Maid at Arms      
1926 Scapa Flow Fair Star Crusader Black Maria Sarazen Princess Doreen Crusader
        Edith Cavell      
1927 Reigh Count Anita Peabody Whiskery Nimba Chance Play Black Maria Chance Play
1928 High Strung Current Reigh Count Easter Stockings Mike Hall Black Maria Reigh Count
1929 Whichone Alcibiades Blue Larkspur Rose of Sharon Sun Beau Bateau Blue Larkspur
1930 Jamestown Baba Kenny Gallant Fox Snowflake Sun Beau Lady Broadcast Gallant Fox
  Equipoise     Alcibiades Blue Larkspur    
1931 Burning Blaze Top Flight Twenty Grand Tambour Sun Beau Valenciennes Twenty Grand
1932 Ladysman Happy Gal Burgoo King Top Flight Equipoise Tred Avon Equipoise
1933 Cavalcade Mata Hari Head Play Barn Swallow Equipoise Tambour Equipoise
1934 Balladier Nellie Flag Cavalcade Mata Hari Equipoise Advising Anna Cavalcade
1935 Tintagel Forever Yours Omaha Black Helen Discovery Late Date Discovery
            Some Pomp