"He touched the imagination of men and they saw different things in him. But one thing they all remember was that he brought exaltation into their hearts.”


John Hervey on Man o' War

writing under the pen name of ‘Salvatore’

The first couple decades of the 20th century were tumultuous worldwide.  Advances were being made in medicine, psychiatry, social and political theories, biology, transportation, and archeology, among others.  World War I broke out.  Monarchies were giving way to republics, fascist, and communist states.   Global social and political upheaval was rife.  Millions of people died in the war and the Great Influenza pandemic that followed.

In the United States, various experiments were tried. In 1918, the sale of liquor was banned to combat alcoholism.  Earlier in the decade, organized crime and gambling was a target, and racing was banned in states that formerly permitted it.  Women were given the right to vote.

US sports figures were becoming public heroes.  These were the days of Babe Ruth in baseball, Jack Dempsey in boxing, and Jack Kelly in rowing.  Amongst the humans was one splendid horse that caught the imagination of those who saw him.

Man o’ War seemed to run for the sheer joy of it and his speed looked limitless.  His popularity brought people to the racetrack that wouldn’t have gone before his appearance.  He rescued horseracing from proscription, even in the face of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox fixing of baseball’s World Series.  His reputation remained high throughout his lifetime and he is still one of the touchstones which modern racehorses are measured in the United States.

This website is an effort to explore his life, the world of his day, his importance to the sport and, indeed, to bloodlines of horses beyond the Thoroughbred breed.





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History and Comments

Narrative of Man o' War's life which relate his many accomplishments on and off the track.  Comments which follow were made by a variety of contemporaries from various walks of life.

Pedigree Information

Man o' War's family tree is given, along with a brief account of his parents and siblings.

Race Record

Official race record as documented by the Daily Racing Form in 1919 and 1920.


An honor roll of the rivals of Man o' War, their earnings records. breeding, photographs.  Gradually adding information on their racing career highlights and track records.  Soon to list notable progeny, including champion descendants.


Listing of the offspring of Man o' War, with cumulative race records.

Champion Descendants (American racing only)

Charts of American champions from 1887 to the present day with descendants of Man o' War marked. Separate charts list the American Classic winners (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes) of Man o' War descent, inductees of the Thoroughbred Racing "Hall of Fame" and the Top  Racehorses of the 20th Century (as selected by various polls).

Historical  American Champions 1887-1935

'Eclipse' Champions 1936-current

American Classic Winners

Thoroughbred Racing 'Hall of Fame' inductees

Top Racehorses of the 20th Century


Displays the Man o' War Memorabilia I happen to have.

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