FIFA 20: The Best Bargains on Career Mode


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  • Monica Bramani
    Monica Bramani  1 months back


    • Paulius Prastienis
      Paulius Prastienis  1 months back

      I played 9 seasons in Career Mode with Barcelona and here are some of the best bargains for Season 1 that can grow into high-overall players:
      Callum Hudson-Odoi (LW);
      Sandro Tonali (CDM);
      Phil Foden (CAM);
      Manuel Akanji (CB).
      Other than that, you can try to get world class players on pre-contracts, or pay their release clauses if they're extremely low for their value. For example, I managed to get Joao Felix from Atletico after paying his release clause which was only around €60M (I think it was Season 3 or something).

      • Cannelloni
        Cannelloni  2 months back

        Melendo hes pretty expensive but worth it he can get up to a 89 ovr

        • Gwen TD
          Gwen TD  2 months back

          I always signed Iniesta up, he isn't very expensive and has a great potential

          • Jamison Sims
            Jamison Sims  2 months back

            Yall sleepin on Rodrygo, he is worth ever penny.

            • Anoni Moo
              Anoni Moo  2 months back

              Ruben Vinagre LWB
              Matheus Cunha ST
              Jan Hurtado ST
              Ezequiel Barco LW
              Braian Cufre LB
              Pablo Galdames CM
              Diego Lainez RM
              Nicolas Fernandez ST
              Wuilker Fariñez GK

              They are young, cheap and great potential give me my like

              • yeahdude7
                yeahdude7  2 months back

                This game is so scripted it's unplayable.

                • homeless327
                  homeless327  2 months back

                  Slow day huh..?

                  • Rylan Govender
                    Rylan Govender  2 months back

                    That sound🔥🔥🔥

                    • Mehmet GÜLDEMİR
                      Mehmet GÜLDEMİR  2 months back

                      You still play this robot game?
                      Play pes 2020

                    • Jaime Garcia
                      Jaime Garcia  2 months back

                      Buffon is a pretty good bargain

                      • Redsmoak _763
                        Redsmoak _763  2 months back

                        Lol but I feel like dum ea will say that he's retiring even tho he's not

                    • Rylan Govender
                      Rylan Govender  2 months back

                      What song did you use, its dope

                    • Aymaan .T
                      Aymaan .T  2 months back

                      These videos need to be longer

                      • Lazio Morphine
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                        Subscribe to me and ill subscribe to you <3

                        • lmao x2
                          lmao x2  2 months back

                          Only post players with face scans

                        • Dave Pak
                          Dave Pak  2 months back

                          Check me out for amazing FIFA 20 goals in pro clubs

                          • Don't look at my picture
                            Don't look at my picture  2 months back

                            Do more

                            • Maltese Sp1t3r1
                              Maltese Sp1t3r1  2 months back

                              Literally all of these apart from odoi are pointless to buy if you're trying to get a good potential rating

                              • Jerry Ramos
                                Jerry Ramos  2 months back

                                Maltese Malteser they’re good if you’re playing career mode with a mediocre team from some league like México, mls, or in the southern American leagues

                            • Ndungu Kimari
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                              • B G
                                B G  2 months back

                                Rodrygo is amazing

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                                    I don't know why this channel unpopular..but it has a quality content

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                                      Low views probably because a majority subbed for the champions (same reason why I subbed in the first place)

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                                      Faizal Armia how is 1 million subs unpopular

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                                      Sports Headies  2 months back

                                      I love this video, thumbs up B/R Football. You inspired me to create my own channel.

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                                          Who else is a true fan of B/R Football??👿


                                          _Btw road to 9k I will appreciate your support 🙏🏼_

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