Out On a Ledger? - In Pursuit of Truth Presents - 11.28.19


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  • Ba'al Busters
    Ba'al Busters  1 months back

    I have gone around and around with this for many years wanting to think the best of Giuliani but honestly I really think it takes a complicit mayor super- lawyer to pull off 9/11 so I don't think he was a saint on that day. That's a massive over-simplification for why I think the way I do. There's some things that would convince anyone, even an Upstate NYer who once thought he was heroic.

    • sylvie girl
      sylvie girl  2 months back

      @In Pursuit Of Truth At 36:45, you reference a statement by Lutsenko. Do you have a link for that please? I've been looking at your previous vid's resources and can't seem to find...am very far behind so always trying to catch up. Tks and appreciate all of your work!!

      • Rebel
        Rebel  2 months back

        Loved your intro.....shades of Monthy Python...

        • Jack Pot
          Jack Pot  2 months back

          Btw // I saw about the hooverdam which had that strane 3D projection event on it showing a sort of mecanicwheelmechanism inside and I saw yesterday in an Instagram post of order_of_the_serpent_official from june2nd19 that it has a particular shape being linked to their ritual? It said is it an outpost for a event of theirs. Looking like a 120degrees arc/created from the curve of the dam and two sorts of antennas. Sorry for the message, hope that can be useful —— thanks for your work

          o w. o
          o w. o
          \ O /

          • Christina Gray
            Christina Gray  2 months back

            Less seriously.... As a woman, I love that SPM is always giving me new clothes. Now I have Possibility Pants!

            • Janis Hewes
              Janis Hewes  2 months back

              Paul Manafort has always looked sleazy to me..not one thing appealing about him.

              • alana niziolek
                alana niziolek  2 months back

                Thanks a lot You made My pop pop Crazy From your dumb videos Would you like to take your videos down

                • icy dawn
                  icy dawn  2 months back

                  There were photos of hildabeast w/Manafort.... always a good day when Sir Patrick Mack is sharing, you’re the BEST!! WWG1WGA TRUMP 2Q2Q 🙏🏻🇺🇸♥️♥️♥️♥️

                  • Spirit Bear
                    Spirit Bear  2 months back

                    *Cough*. Glen Beck props? What? The gate keeper. Dude call out Israel already.

                    • D Stew
                      D Stew  2 months back

                      Worth reading. The LIES RUN DEEP.

                      • Jane Mahaney
                        Jane Mahaney  2 months back

                        Sir Patrick we love you !!!

                        • rhonda flick
                          rhonda flick  2 months back

                          It’s the black books from Manafort and epsteins flight logs

                          • Sunshine Savannah
                            Sunshine Savannah  2 months back

                            Can anyone tell me who M3thods is?

                            • Mojo702
                              Mojo702  2 months back

                              I think all the improprieties done by the deep state will come out showing how bad they were but nothing will happen to them except the exposure. Meaning all a waste of time...

                              • Digital Soldiers 17
                                Digital Soldiers 17  2 months back

                                Yes, this is Biblical. Bill Clinton Rothchild and John Podesta are Nephilim (And We Know, Serialbrain2). Remember that sick Cannible picture Podesta had on his office wall? They need our DNA to stay looking human (McAlliester TV). These are inter dimensional beings, not supposed to be here, their is a portal by El Paso. The wall helps combat that, and chem trails, President Trump stopped (And We Know, Serialbrain2 ). Epstein was moved into Pentegon, embedded by Presidents Marines (Field McConnel). Biblical, listen to Trump Prophesies: ‪Surprise🔥It’s GOD!💪Christ👊🔥🇺🇸🌎🌿PROPHESIZED 2007&2014🔥Happening Now! https://youtu.be/6Aa2vFjuQCo WAKEUPPATRIOTS!🔥”They yell,”Impeach, Impeach but, God says Neigh.”🔥”No Socialism” https://youtu.be/ypDFVK7Exfg 🔥 https://youtu.be/LiKIn1REnxQ🔥PRAY🔥sordrescue.com🇺🇸 Never stop praying surrounded by evil-Q

                                • M.L. DeMedal
                                  M.L. DeMedal  2 months back

                                  Billions every year from taxpayers going to Catholic Charities to help embed aliens throughout America, many being cells of questionable characters.
                                  Hussein characters.

                                  • annette keene
                                    annette keene  2 months back

                                    Mueller is the Stealth Bomber. Been a white hat from the beginning

                                    • annette keene
                                      annette keene  2 months back

                                      Hope you watch the video. I saw it when it came out. It made a difference in the way I looked at major players. Google his professional life.
                                      He is a national treasure

                                    • annette keene
                                      annette keene  2 months back

                                      You may want to watch this 4 min video. Done a few days before the 2016 election and a year before Q. This is the beginning.


                                  • Linda Mull
                                    Linda Mull  2 months back

                                    Maybe I am way off but on yesterday's show American Greed on 36.3 channel est time, a group of Ukranians were involved in giving healthcare to immigrants, being given cash backs while those involved in the scheme were living lavishly. Money laundering schemes; my question was while watching the show was how was it possible for the Ukranians to know how to tap into the stealing of American taxpayer monies using a system already in place to help people needing healthcare? Those involved in politics have no interest in building a wall but instead on bringing in more illegal immigrants with benefits. digging ever deeper is of the essence nowadays as our intent to halt corruption is today's priority!

                                    • Fledgling Bodhisatva
                                      Fledgling Bodhisatva  2 months back

                                      Rudy needs to explain his role in 9/11

                                      • M.L. DeMedal
                                        M.L. DeMedal  2 months back

                                        Rudy needs to do what he is doing right now.
                                        911 truth will come.

                                    • April Hart
                                      April Hart  2 months back

                                      Joe Biden likes to swim naked too? It’s weird, Joe talking about his hair on his legs that stands up when children stroke it. GP has a weird vid of joe saying how he loves kids to sit on his lap, what else stands up when that happens? I think the vrile lizard has taken over joe

                                      • M.L. DeMedal
                                        M.L. DeMedal  2 months back

                                        Ugh. I don't think he could be any creepier.

                                    • April Hart
                                      April Hart  2 months back

                                      Paul swimming naked with his boss? So are they lovers? I don’t swim naked with my girlfriends? What’s up with that? Are swimsuits not cool amongst the rich and powerful?

                                      • VeryTiredMom
                                        VeryTiredMom  2 months back

                                        I'm def picking up what you're putting down. Makes total sense, with the bow on top tying all of the main players to Manafort and the ledgers.

                                        • Think Mackay
                                          Think Mackay  2 months back

                                          Thanks for another wonderful reporting. You make the MSM sound like retards!

                                          • Think Mackay
                                            Think Mackay  2 months back

                                            The crimes committed by the Catholic Church and its robes employees are probably tens and thousands of times more than any history books have and will be able to record!

                                            • Linda Bond
                                              Linda Bond  2 months back

                                              These two men, manafort and stone , looks like their not dead yet, being protected?

                                              • Greg White
                                                Greg White  2 months back

                                                If Trump wants my vote he better end the NDAA and the patriot act!! I’d say come out with the declass but we ALL know that ain’t gonna happen till next election season if at all... just saying

                                                • Greg White
                                                  Greg White  2 months back

                                                  M.L. DeMedal
                                                  He doesn’t need any congressional vote or oversight to get rid of the NDAA or patriot act. That can be nulled through executive powers. He said he was going to get rid of it his first day in office but has yet to. I Wonder why?? He’s had three years but did not act on it. Before any empire falls it has a sharp rise in its economy. It seems like things are going extremely well and BOOM! Collapse. We’re heading for a collapse and that is why they won’t allow the patriot act or NDAA to be dissolved. Just saying

                                                • M.L. DeMedal
                                                  M.L. DeMedal  2 months back

                                                  Trump's only goal is to return power back to the people.
                                                  The corruption is almost insurmountable to a normal human being. The scum has layers and layers to clean and President Trump and his Patriot team are doing just that 24/7.
                                                  If you feel the need not to vote for him, then so be it.
                                                  The pace and plan is set.

                                                  Just saying.
                                                  Trump 2020 🇺🇸

                                              • Carolann6081
                                                Carolann6081  2 months back

                                                Modus operandi for international thugs is to play both sides against the middle. And use force, threat of force, when they feel it’s warranted …just as any mafia shake down would. The situation that developed in Qatar also has a real estate angle, casino money laundering and pay offs involving real estate. Vatican situation involves laundering thru its Bank [C_A, Sindona [P2, Sicilian mob], Marcinkus, Calvi, Gelli histories], with that ever present real estate angle. All this has been facilitated by a debt, a loan, and then a gradually secularized environ beginning in the early 1830. The ledgers were in their heads in the middle ages, also thru ledgering using double sets of books.

                                                Casinos, real estate, and “fine art” are favorite washing techniques.

                                                Same secret societies involved at the base, worldwide….mafias international.

                                                Task Force: Whistleblowers Journey: Live in DC “10.1 Part 1 Manafort, Ukraine, Trafficking & Rule of law” [Aug.18, 2018 utube] RIP Jenny Moore   She had it all ….great former police officer and outstanding researcher…… and she stated the root of the problem……..

                                                • Nana Albert
                                                  Nana Albert  2 months back

                                                  Love it!!!

                                                  • Maureen Callahan
                                                    Maureen Callahan  2 months back

                                                    Can you please look into the death of Jennifer Joynes who was found shot to death. She wrote about the corruption in the vaccine industry. They are saying it is a suicide but how do you shoot yourself in the head TWICE?

                                                    • Suzette Petillo
                                                      Suzette Petillo  2 months back

                                                      I just cussed out Susan to her on a tv special about you tu be in network TV. I screamed at the TV, 'NO CAKE FOR YOU SUSAN!😡' We got your back, Sir Patrick Mack!

                                                      • Karaoke Rebel
                                                        Karaoke Rebel  2 months back

                                                        BY CONFLICTING & MODIFIED NEWS ? LET’S REMEMBER WHAT IS VITAL & KEEP ON
                                                        PPORTING THIS AMAZING (0 SALARY) PRESIDENT: GOOD FACTS FIRST: HERE'S A PARTIAL
                                                        LIST OF TRUMP'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS but first, see the video of Jan. 14 by Steve
                                                        Cioccolanti called: "The Trump Eclipse...etc". Another video lists
                                                        205 accomplishments of Donald Trump by the end of 2018: Let's start here: >
                                                        > Jan. 23/17, started a major secret investigation on the effects of vaccine
                                                        on Autism and blocked foreign aid for abortion; Feb. 7/17: Reduces the cost of
                                                        the F35 fighters by 700 millions; -Takes BHO's abusive executive orders then
                                                        uses them for the protection of the people. -Apr.26, launches the "Victims
                                                        of Immigrant Crimes Office" to protect/support victims of violent crimes
                                                        committed by "radical illegal aliens migrants"; -June 26, donated his
                                                        2nd quarter salary to the Dept. of Education; -Issues urgent Executive Orders
                                                        starting with 7000 + indictments against individuals & organizations who
                                                        committed/commit crimes against humanity through many Foundations and the NWO
                                                        agenda;-Seizes stolen assets by charging the criminals & calling the
                                                        Central Banks to order; -Gets the Federal Reserve and the Pentagon audited;
                                                        -Prepares the US exit from the UN, the EU & the Paris Climate Accord;
                                                        -Begins the cleaning up of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the SES & many other
                                                        3 digits "establishments"; -Blocks the servers of the FBI, CIA, SES
                                                        & other agencies who are "mishandling" the government and
                                                        therefore the people; -MAKES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A SOVEREIGN NATION
                                                        AGAIN; -REMOVES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FROM THE GRIPS OF THE UNITED
                                                        NATIONS (THIS IS HUGE); -Gives needed support to ICE; -Renegotiates NAFTA;
                                                        -Reduces negative business protocols; -Sept. 5, Revokes Obama's "anchor
                                                        baby policy" thereby reducing human trafficking & illegal abuse of
                                                        immigration laws; Oct. 12,FBI recovers victims of human trafficking in
                                                        operation "Criss/Cross Country"; Oct. 26, Makes RIS accountable for
                                                        targeting the Conservatives Tea Party group; -Establishes a new order of peace,
                                                        fair trades & valuable commerce and imposes sanctions if needed; -Secures
                                                        negotiations with many nations; -Brings back businesses into the USA; Nov. 9,
                                                        Negotiates 250 million dollar trade deal with China; -Creates tons of jobs by
                                                        bringing back major companies to America and beginning the repairing of the
                                                        infrastructure; -Restarts the coal & steel industries; -Gets tons of people
                                                        off from food stamps; -Stands firm with China & others especially Iran
                                                        (that clandestinely received 40 billions by BHO to continue their nuclear
                                                        agenda); -Dec. 3, Withdraws from the UN Global Compact on Migration; - Dec/18,
                                                        Creates the "Conscience &Religious Freedom Division of the Office for
                                                        Civil Rights of Christians; -Dec. 19, Signs into law the largest tax cut &
                                                        biggest tax reform since Reagan; -Begins the building/repairing of the Border
                                                        Wall to establish & protect the country's borders, lands & people &
                                                        stopping, reducing the human trafficking occurring at the border (the Dems want
                                                        NO border to get votes from anyone; anyway, anyhow); Warns, stops the caravans
                                                        infiltrated with criminals coming from Honduras & Mexico; -Hires the best
                                                        people to help his/your government clean up the SWAMP; -Defeats plots against
                                                        the USA, himself and his family; -Begins the finishing off of ISIS;
                                                        -Investigates the criminal take over of the voting system by enemies of the
                                                        state inside & outside of the country; -"Debugs" the White
                                                        House;-Stands firm amid attacks while waiting for his time to strike back against
                                                        evil; -Works at creating a new form of MSM; -Works at ending the stealing of
                                                        people's patents (Dealer Tech & others); -Looks into the reduction of the
                                                        cost of medicinal products and prescriptions; -Visits areas devastated by
                                                        hurricanes to assist and support the people; -Dec. 25, Brings Christmas back
                                                        into the White House & welcomes the people (so beautiful !) • HE IS NOT SHY
                                                        TO PRAY * ONLY TOGETHER SHALL WE OVERCOME * BAD NEWS: Among other nefarious
                                                        things the Cabal (Deep State) does, here's the worst yet: New York has voted
                                                        positive to legalizing to the ending pregnancy at the latest stage (just prior
                                                        to delivery) subject to discussion between the mother and her doctor ! This is
                                                        the killing (ending the life) of liveable babies whose screams of pain we can't
                                                        and won't hear as the baby is still inside the PROTECTIVE ENVIRONMENT OF THE
                                                        WOMB BUT THEY SCREAM WITH PAIN AS THEIR MEMBERS ARE RIPPED FROM THEIR BODIES
                                                        THEN THEIR HEADS ARE CRUSHED WITH CLAMPS AND DRAGGED OUT OF THE MOTHER'S BODY !
                                                        The "products" are then sold: organs, members, eyes, blood for
                                                        Adrenochrome and so on and so on for ($800. per liter) !!!NOTE: Find out who
                                                        owns Goat Hill Pizza of San Francisco where they serve "fresh"
                                                        Adrenochrome among other "goodies" !!! ON THE OTHER HAND: THE INVESTIGATION
                                                        BY DONALD TRUMP’S TEAM BEGAN THE DAY HE TOOK OFFICE BY THE APPOINTMENT OF A.G.
                                                        JOHN HUBER WITH 740 INVESTIGATORS. THE MILITARY WITH 3 GENERALS: JAMES MATHIS,
                                                        A.G. JEFF SESSIONS & GENERAL JOHN KELLY , MILITARY TRIBUNALS SECRET
                                                        MILITARY BASES, GITMO & FEDERAL COURTS NATIONWIDE (INCLUDING CAMP SEVEN FOR
                                                        ELITE DETAINEES) TO UNCOVER THE ABUSES OF THE LAW & THE CONSTITUTION,
                                                        VIOLATION OF THE ESPIONAGE ACT OF 1912, CHAOS LEADING TO 88,350 INDICTMENTS
                                                        SINCE OCTOBER 17, 2016 THE 400 PAGES MUELLER REPORT (A FAILED INVENTION TO
                                                        DESTROY DONALD TRUMP). THE FISA REPORT TO BE RELEASED BY A.G. WILLIAM BARR BY
                                                        MID APRIL:THE REDACTED VERSION OF THE MUELLER REPORT MADE PUBLIC MID APRIL
                                                        2019. (THESE LEFTISTS TOOLS WILL PROVE TO BE THE DEMISE OF THOSE WHO BROUGHT
                                                        THEM ABOUT) ! HIGH TREASON, ELECTION FRAUD, CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING, HOMICIDE,
                                                        PORNOGRAPHY, PEDOPHILIA, MONEY LAUNDERING, BRIBERY, PERJURY, RUSSIAGATE (COUP
                                                        TO OVERTURN THE 1016 ELECTION & THE PANAMA PAPERS CONSPIRACY, TREASONOUS
                                                        ACTS OF FUNDING TERRORISTS, URANIUM ONE (TREASON FOR SELLING USA's URANIUM TO
                                                        RUSSIA), 9-11 & IT'S COVER-UP, THE FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR & TSUNAMI MASS
                                                        MURDERS (March 11/2000), THE BENGHAZI MASSACRE, HIGHJACKING OF MALAYSIA AIR
                                                        370, MASS MURDERS IN HAITI & ELSEWHERE, FAST & FURIOUS DRUG & GUN
                                                        RUNNING, ACCEPTING MILLIONS IN DRUG MONEY FROM CONVICTED MEXICAN DRUG LORD EL
                                                        CHAPO, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, CHILD EXPLOITATION/KIDNAPPING, HARVESTING VICTIM’S
                                                        ORGANS FOR MONETARY GAIN, (as Candice said, "there are more abortions of
                                                        black babies than births and now the mothers-to-be are "offered the
                                                        choice" to let their newborn live or have "it taken care
                                                        of"...not being told what really will be done with that brand new totally
                                                        vulnerable child !!! And it goes on: BLACKMAIL FOR VOTES ON POLITICAL ISSUES
                                                        THROUGH RECORDING OF SATANIC PEDOPHILIA PARTIES WHERE CHILDREN ARE RAPED,
                                                        TORTURED & MURDERED, MISAPPROPRIATION & CONFISCATION OF US TAX PAYER’S
                                                        MONEYS THROUGH THE USE OF ILLEGAL & PRIVATELY OWNED “FEDERAL RESERVE”, THE
                                                        “IRS US CORPORATION”, CRIMES OF CITY OF LONDON & VATICAN BANKS, NOT
                                                        IMPLEMENTING THE FREEDOM FROM DEBT “GESARA LAW” (GLOBAL ECONOMIC SECURITY &
                                                        REFORMATION ACT) WHICH PASSED THE US SUPREME COURT SIGNED AT GUNPOINT OF DELTA
                                                        FORCES INTO LAW BY pres. BHO . ON OCT.10, 2000. YOU ARE NOW AWARE OF SOME OF THE
                                                        UNENDING ACTS OF TREASON OF THE LEFT. NOW, THERE IS "blexit dot com"
                                                        AND "walkawaycampaign dot com. WHERE ANYONE CAN TELL THEIR STORY AND THEIR
                                                        ENLIGHTENMENT ! THROUGH
                                                        THE USE OF ILLEGAL & PRIVATELY OWNED “FEDERAL RESERVE”, THE “IRS US
                                                        CORPORATION”, CRIMES OF CITY OF LONDON & VATICAN BANKS, NOT IMPLEMENTING
                                                        THE FREEDOM FROM DEBT “GESARA LAW” (GLOBAL ECONOMIC SECURITY & REFORMATION
                                                        ACT) WHICH PASSED THE US SUPREME COURT SIGNED AT GUNPOINT OF DELTA FORCES INTO
                                                        LAW BY pres. BHO . ON OCT.10, 2000. YOU ARE NOW AWARE OF SOME OF THE UNENDING
                                                        ACTS OF TREASON OF THE LEFT. NOW, THERE IS "blexit dot com" AND
                                                        "walkawaycampaign dot com. WHERE ANYONE CAN TELL THEIR STORY AND THEIR
                                                        ENLIGHTENMENT !

                                                        • GILLIE BEJAR
                                                          GILLIE BEJAR  2 months back

                                                          This is investigated reporting at its finest ! A true digital soldier 🤩

                                                          • Traysee Mitchell
                                                            Traysee Mitchell  2 months back

                                                            In Pursuit of Truth - great tweet to the Pope!

                                                            • Triple G
                                                              Triple G  2 months back

                                                              Does anyone know what the link to the Q research board is?

                                                              • Guitars and gaming
                                                                Guitars and gaming  2 months back

                                                                Haven't heard from SPM for a while now, must be working on something super pursuity

                                                                • Goldie
                                                                  Goldie  2 months back

                                                                  I'm "Feelin" what you're "Puttin Down" Sir Pat... A STORM IS COMING. Got my popcorn, comfy chair and blanket ready for the show. 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

                                                                  • C F
                                                                    C F  2 months back

                                                                    Thank you

                                                                    • Alma Mercer
                                                                      Alma Mercer  2 months back

                                                                      and all of these got covered up . and buried, and will stay buried .

                                                                      • Virginia Sykes, RN BSN
                                                                        Virginia Sykes, RN BSN  2 months back

                                                                        Mr.President, will your admin have the ability to look at IG's Wife, KAtkinsins connections to get you impeached? https://youtu.be/1c-EK9DS-Qc

                                                                        • The Base Case
                                                                          The Base Case  2 months back

                                                                          PM, check out Am. Pol. about "Peaceful Imam". "Ben Der"

                                                                          • jennifer stewart
                                                                            jennifer stewart  2 months back

                                                                            I think most start out of a good place and then
                                                                            President Putin stopped all adoptions 2 the USA becus he knew the children were being trafficked
                                                                            he also has no tolerance for PEDOPHILES
                                                                            Straight to prison in siberia no second chance
                                                                            Told NWO you cant come here
                                                                            I kinda like him

                                                                            • jennifer stewart
                                                                              jennifer stewart  2 months back

                                                                              I can personally not care for glenn but his work has been EXCELLENT

                                                                              • jennifer stewart
                                                                                jennifer stewart  2 months back

                                                                                Roger stone is the one that pushed for Manafort to get his VOLUNTEER job even tho he was broke (claimed)
                                                                                Roger stone also vouched and pushed hard that the broward county sheriff was a WONDERFUL human
                                                                                A honest hardworking sheriff
                                                                                Then as we all know the sheriff was revolting

                                                                                • jennifer stewart
                                                                                  jennifer stewart  2 months back

                                                                                  Sir patrick ive learned you are trustworthy
                                                                                  If you think something is possible then im on board

                                                                                  • Cosmic Charlie
                                                                                    Cosmic Charlie  2 months back

                                                                                    So, there are armed goons that protect these criminal monsters. Will they remain loyal or do the right thing and turn on their masters? Will the State's armed goons turn on the People? History instructs that they would. Keep your eyes on the goons. We are reaching the point where these corrupt bureaucrats will not be able to function without extreme security measures in place.

                                                                                    • Joe Jameson
                                                                                      Joe Jameson  2 months back

                                                                                      My kids a saxaphonist. I keep telling him he should learn ur intro theme. It just rocks. Where can I find the sheet music?

                                                                                      • Michael L
                                                                                        Michael L  2 months back

                                                                                        Been waiting for "Q" for a long time. Patience.....close EVERY loophole. No deals for the wicked.

                                                                                        • Diane Cohen
                                                                                          Diane Cohen  2 months back

                                                                                          WE ARE ALL TUNING OUT UTUBE BEFORE THE PURGE.
                                                                                          HOPE THEY LOSE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_____