#5 Alabama vs #15 Auburn 2019 Iron Bowl Highlights | College Football Highlights


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  • Wheels
    Wheels   2 weeks back

    Second half highlights start at 7:13 for those of you who watched the first half highlight video.

    • James Guilford
      James Guilford  1 days back

      @Abby Normal ; You know now that you have mentioned it; the fact the players for any given team can be from practically anywhere other than the state or region their school is in, does sort of take something out of College football. Then again, I suppose it depends on how you look at it to. I mean, one could find pride in the fact that a good player would travel all the way across the nation to play for your school or team, when they could have stayed at or near their home school.
      As for me and my family; I have one distant relative who goes to School in Tuscaloosa, but she needless to say does not play football !

      My father was a professional wrestler who wrestled with an organization out of Memphis, way back in the day when pro wrestlers who were over 200 pounds were considered super- heavyweights. He never even got near a high school, much less a college. He was an intelligent man though, when sober anyway !
      When I was in my teens the doctors after fusing two steel rods onto my spine, gave me instructions not to lift more than 35 pounds, bend only from the waist and not to engage in any sport more strenuous than walking in a straight line ! Two weeks after being released from the hospital, upon tackling a kid that was twice my weight in the middle of a peanut field that also served as the community football field, the rod on the left side of my spine broke , ''along with my spine'' and punctured my left kidney. That was the end of the football carrier I never had anyway, unless you count the many thump football games I stared in during my senior year history class ! I wonder, do kids today even know what thump football is ?
      Anyway, best wishes to you to !

    • Abby Normal
      Abby Normal  1 days back

      James Gullford, Yeah, I am a novelist fan also, not much a fanatic as some folks. If my kid got a scholarship to Bama I would probable graciously thank them from the heart. Grandpa played for Auburn back about 90 years ago, but nobody since then could be classified as anything athletic. Big,ugly and geeky... yes... sports inclined..no... So now college football is a bunch of guys from all over the country (used to be local kids playing like your HS football team). Just a mini-pro teams on both sides of the ball unlike the golden days. I yell for my team each year, but I also understand it is just a game (and bragging rights for a year).

      Thanks for the best wishes, mega-dittos to you too sir !

    • James Guilford
      James Guilford  1 days back

      @Abby Normal ; I have to be honest with you Abby; It was a lot of fun getting psyched up for the Iron bowl a few days ahead of that game, it was fun watching the game, hoping my team would win and getting all riled up when bama lost. It was also fun to trash talk about the game afterwards for a few days. Now that the Iron bowl is I believe about two weeks behind us, well, it just does not mean that much to me anymore. Regardless of how hyped up I might get about any given sporting event a few days prior to, during and a few days afterwards, beyond those few days before and after said sporting event, the realization that it is and was just a sporting event, a game, causes me to lose any real interest. Even when Bama wins national titles, '' as it often does,'' just 3 maybe 4 days later, my mind has gone on to other matters and the win I enjoyed watching so much, becomes just a distant pleasant memory. In fact, I could not even tell you on the spur of the moment, what year in which Bama won its last national title and heck, that was not that terribly long ago.

      Well, if the spirits be willing we will meet again next year, until then you take care, be safe , Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Oh, and yes, Good game !

    • Abby Normal
      Abby Normal  2 days back

      Since Auburn must of paid off the refs, can we have that missed catch back instead of it being ruled incomplete? Seems we could get more than one call in our favor if we were cheating... /end sarcasm

  • Orlando Wells
    Orlando Wells  13 hours back

    I know this is a two weeks late comment by me, but I luv this kid Jalen Waddle and I know Alabama lost but Waddles touch down celebration in this game was epic I can't get enough!!!😆

    • Dave Jordan
      Dave Jordan  15 hours back

      HA HA HA I love it every time I watch it gets better because BAMA is out of the play off's now the cry babies are calling for 8 team play off funny how that works!

      • Addison Vlogs
        Addison Vlogs  1 days back

        To me the only good person on Alabama’s team is waddle

        • Jacksonmization
          Jacksonmization  3 days back


          Bo: “We did it boss!”

          Gus: “BOOM !!💥 “

          • Joel Fetner
            Joel Fetner  3 days back

            Barners & Gumps. I love it all. RTR! And SEC! SEC! SEC! Beat the damyankees.

            • boosted_rt13
              boosted_rt13  3 days back

              Auburn scores Gary says nothing, Alabama scores Gary cums in his pants

              • no yes
                no yes  4 days back

                @2:54 Best shot Is Dive at the back of his heals, Put a strong Arm Bar and hold till that heal moves up and into your Forearm. Can Not Grab the shoulder of a strong man and turn his hips. Can Not Grab a Speeding Foot either. let heal bump arm. might stumble into Zone anyway.

                • Michael Marrs
                  Michael Marrs  5 days back

                  War to the Eagle

                  • SXI96
                    SXI96  5 days back

                    Never thought I'd see a Saban defense sliced and diced like this plus in the NC game, crazy times

                    • Travis Kale
                      Travis Kale  5 days back

                      fuck yeah, eat shit 'Bama. Stop recruiting guys who can't count to 11 !! XD

                      • Bobbie Hayden
                        Bobbie Hayden  5 days back

                        I'm a die hard Auburn fan, but that 1 second kick before half-time was bullshit. I think we still would have won though, if they hadn't granted that kick.
                        WAAAAAAAAR EAGLE, HEY!

                        • overbore66
                          overbore66  6 days back

                          Anyone know who the girl in the white tank is at 6:03?

                          • blake mckillip
                            blake mckillip  6 days back

                            Im a gator but that bo nix kid he is gonna be scary

                            • Anthony Kernich
                              Anthony Kernich  6 days back

                              Bama have been riding on the easy blowout schedule for too many years

                              • Jaret Kidd
                                Jaret Kidd  7 days back

                                ur telling me michigan is gonna beat stop jaylen waddle?

                                • 5Deep Music
                                  5Deep Music  7 days back

                                  That’s my boy Shawn shivers

                                  • Lakeside
                                    Lakeside  7 days back

                                    Look at that #17 standing there with his hands on his hips like a fool after scoring at 2:57. Somebody needs to tell him he looks like a sassy three year old pulling some attitude.

                                    • SSF Moments
                                      SSF Moments  2 days back

                                      Lakeside it’s called a touchdown celebration .?

                                  • Breadman 205
                                    Breadman 205  7 days back

                                    War Eagle Gus coached a great game

                                    • Justin Thomas
                                      Justin Thomas  1 weeks back

                                      2:50 clearly holding on kickoff 😂😂

                                      • Justin Thomas
                                        Justin Thomas  2 days back

                                        81 on 55 at 17 yard line 2:45 was in position fo make a play before dude came up behind him and threw him down 😂😂 your welcome on left hash from our angle

                                      • SSF Moments
                                        SSF Moments  2 days back

                                        Justin Thomas explain

                                    • Cbegley 84
                                      Cbegley 84  1 weeks back

                                      War mufukn Eagle 🦅

                                      • Fabo Andolini
                                        Fabo Andolini  1 weeks back

                                        Woddle is a fuckin nightmare!! 😂😂

                                        • Fabo Andolini
                                          Fabo Andolini  1 weeks back

                                          The shit that happens at Jordan Hare is just MAGICAL 😂😂nothing beats saturday night lights in Auburn! WAR DAMNNNNN EAGLE!!!

                                          • 73rams
                                            73rams  1 weeks back

                                            7:08 laff ass off

                                            • 73rams
                                              73rams  1 weeks back

                                              Flush Tide!

                                              • JAMO_o0o
                                                JAMO_o0o  1 weeks back

                                                I just realized something. Everyone loves when a team like Alabama and Patriots lose. This is why they are the best teams in football. Go Raiders! 💯

                                                • Mike Orlyn
                                                  Mike Orlyn  1 weeks back

                                                  I don't have a horse in the race when it comes to college ball, but Auburn should have NEVER been allowed to get that FG off before the half...total bs. Saban had every right to be pissed about it

                                                  • ImLogiic -
                                                    ImLogiic -  1 weeks back

                                                    Number 17 for Alabama is cocky

                                                    • btvbrndn
                                                      btvbrndn  1 weeks back

                                                      This video should be called “#5 Jaylen Waddle vs #15 Auburn 2019”

                                                      • Gaming Prodigy
                                                        Gaming Prodigy  1 weeks back

                                                        Alabama always gets the worst kicking prospects. If they had a good kicker, they would always be the best team.

                                                        • Beyblader Kid
                                                          Beyblader Kid  1 weeks back

                                                          War Eagle fly down the field ever to conquer never to yield. War Eagle fearless and true. Fight on for orange and blue. Go-Go-Go. On to victory strike up the band. Kick him high, Kick him low. Stand up and yell hey. War Eagle fight for Auburn colors and Dixe land.

                                                          • Beyblader Kid
                                                            Beyblader Kid  1 weeks back

                                                            Glory,Glory to an Auburn. Glory,Glory to an Auburn. Glory,Glory to an Auburn. A-U-B-U-R-N! Glory,Glory to an Auburn. Glory,Glory to an Auburn. Glory,Glory to an Auburn. A-U-B-U-R-N!

                                                            • Beyblader Kid
                                                              Beyblader Kid  1 weeks back

                                                              I say it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger. I say it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger. I say it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger. War Eagle hey.

                                                              • Beyblader Kid
                                                                Beyblader Kid  1 weeks back

                                                                Hopefully Alabama will do what there supposed to do. Meaning bring the Iron Bowl trophy to The Auburn vs Alabama Basketball game and then they have to sing our fight song. Hopefully they won’t do the same shit they did a few years ago where even though there team made it to the game the people with the trophy didn’t claimed it was bad weather so they kept the trophy and didn’t sing our fight song. War Eagle my Auburn Tiger brothers and sisters.

                                                                • Joey Scott
                                                                  Joey Scott  1 weeks back

                                                                  I don't see why Jaylen Waddle for Alabama wasn't up for the heisman like Desmond Howard for Miichigan

                                                                  • Joey Scott
                                                                    Joey Scott  1 weeks back

                                                                    Alabama can play anyone and people know this that's why they have most Championships. Those two loses were self made mistakes by Alabama which left a lot of people in shock..

                                                                    People expect Alabama to go undefeated but not the other teams ahead of them in the poll including LSU.
                                                                    After tomorrow Alabama is going to move up in the poll and 9-3 Auburn is going to move down..

                                                                    • Jakob Cross
                                                                      Jakob Cross  1 weeks back

                                                                      I’m an Alabama fan but I have to admit that was great game idc who you go for but the 1 second thing was bullshit

                                                                      • MrSoloDolo
                                                                        MrSoloDolo  1 weeks back

                                                                        Always love seeing Alabama lose

                                                                        • Dominic Moretti
                                                                          Dominic Moretti  1 weeks back

                                                                          Buck Fama.

                                                                          • jayes12
                                                                            jayes12  1 weeks back

                                                                            Auburn should go to a bowl and play the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  This would make for an interesting match up.  It would be a good test for both programs.

                                                                            • Zach Kostoff
                                                                              Zach Kostoff  1 weeks back

                                                                              Game of the fucking year
                                                                              Fsu and Penn state

                                                                              • john zindler
                                                                                john zindler  1 weeks back

                                                                                Best game I've seen all year.

                                                                                • Lannce
                                                                                  Lannce  1 weeks back

                                                                                  shows how important kickers are

                                                                                  • Ray Crowley
                                                                                    Ray Crowley  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Bo Nix getting all dem females

                                                                                    • Oh yeah Watermelon
                                                                                      Oh yeah Watermelon  1 weeks back

                                                                                      WAR EAGLE 🦅 BITCH

                                                                                      • AlphaCo12
                                                                                        AlphaCo12  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Everthing Trump touches dies. Won't go to the playoffs. Bye bye Bama!

                                                                                        • Cecile Speering
                                                                                          Cecile Speering  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Love Alburn

                                                                                          • jcelldogs
                                                                                            jcelldogs  2 weeks back

                                                                                            Nick saban is a fraud. He just came to bama at the perfect time. All the recruits just came there after they wont the title and now all the recruits just go there. It's not hard to win when your get all 5 star players and play nobody in the games before conference games then play a few good teams then play another fcs patsy before rivalry week. Of course the sec looks good when bama wins year in and year out. Also, if saban was so good...what happened with the dolphins in the nfl? Why wasnt he winning at Michigan state? Hes a fraud.