Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less


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  • Bradley Coates
    Bradley Coates  23 minutes back

    It seems very confabulated and forced, rewrites and re-shoots...test screenings

    • Andres Molina
      Andres Molina  50 minutes back

      This movie was hot garbage

      • wizzleuno
        wizzleuno  1 hours back

        This youtube video reminded me how much I disliked this film I haven't felt the need to rewatch this film at all 🤷‍♂️

        • Mohammad Nasser
          Mohammad Nasser  1 hours back

          For the first I agree with everything he said. Mind you I LOVE MARVEL and avengers endgame but these sins make sense

          • CJ_sky Dog
            CJ_sky Dog  2 hours back

            I won’t go so far as to dislike this video but there was no sin for fortnight and a sin for yelling at stupid raging kid 😤

            • sy gu
              sy gu  2 hours back

              Yha ant man never gon up the ass

              • Fernando Mercado
                Fernando Mercado  2 hours back

                This man wanted hulk to jump down all those stairs That's like a mini earthquake right there🤣🤣🤣

                • Miraj Roy
                  Miraj Roy  2 hours back

                  Ur dumbass dude like seriously fuck urself

                  • Randomtrash Productions

                    Everything wrong with: Avengers Endgame

                    It’s blank

                    • Luke Kamas
                      Luke Kamas  3 hours back

                      16:35 Facts

                      • Fireshadow DT
                        Fireshadow DT  4 hours back

                        ima be honest, dust busted aint too bad of a sentence

                        • Jolttix
                          Jolttix  4 hours back

                          Why can Ant-Man shrink and grow during the final battle without any Pym partials? They used the rest to travel through time.

                          • Summer Tyme
                            Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                            The amount of Pym particles needed to shrink into the quantum realm is vastly greater than the amount needed for AntMan to shrink or grow within this dimension.

                        • cole fitz
                          cole fitz  4 hours back

                          16:43 Kevin Feige said anyone snapped in a dangerous situations was brought back safely

                          • Summer Tyme
                            Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                            cole fitz : Yes Of course - Hulk would bring them back safely if possible. The only question would be if it might not always be possible. But some on this forum don’t even seem to understand that the will of the person doing the snap determines what happens. It’s not a machine or a wishing well - it’s more like the the ultimate tool - which can command the Universe - if you know how to handle it.

                        • Saucy
                          Saucy  5 hours back

                          This movie looks fucking retarded. Is it seriously the highest-grossing movie of all time?

                          • Samuel Ehret
                            Samuel Ehret  5 hours back

                            0:24 I needed this

                            • Bale Sahagun
                              Bale Sahagun  6 hours back

                              Sorry I didn't finish this

                              • Bro
                                Bro  7 hours back

                                Infinity Gauntlet: *used to destroy 50% of the world's population*
                                Check it. Better plan.

                                Use the stones to make 99.99% of the whole world's current population become instantly infertile. No pain. No death. People suddenly just lose the ability to produce children (humans and animals alike). About 7.53 billion is the current human population according to Google, so even after this strikes the world, there will still be over 75 million people who can make more children, and not all of them will even choose to.

                                Negative side effects: over the next couple generations, massively populated areas will suddenly see a huge drop in people, leaving some areas possibly abandoned.

                                Positive: nobody has to die, no families shedding tears over siblings and loved ones suddenly dissolving into dust. Pregnant woman will still have the children already growing inside of them; those will not die or disappear, so nothing truly inhumane is happening. Humanity can have a warning before the effect takes place, so they will be prepared for the population drop literally decades in advance of the worst of it. They will have plenty of time to prepare for it.

                                With much less people around, though some garbage will remain untouched for a long time, its production will greatly decrease, allowing the planet to recover from some of the adverse effects humanity has had on it so far.

                                In fact, I believe this would be a great way for humanity to eventually evolve in response to overpopulation: *Selective fertility*. Where people will sometimes, and soon almost ALL people, be born without reproductive systems so they can't produce children. Once the population in response to this eventually drops to a much more controlled level, humanity will regain *unconditional fertility* which it currently has, enabling population growth to the max again, and the cycle can repeat itself endlessly over time, allowing humanity and the planet itself to keep recovering over and over before things ever go too far.

                                • Bro
                                  Bro  3 hours back

                                  @Summer Tyme Uhh...I have no idea why you're giving me all that religious crap, I'm just focused on the Infinity Gauntlet and a better plan besides genocide. Furthermore, I refuse to speak of or acknowledge a God if the one people insist exists would do such a thing as destroying all life on the planet, which didn't happen.

                                • Summer Tyme
                                  Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                                  Bible has shix plot, *ding* - CinemaSins.

                                • Summer Tyme
                                  Summer Tyme  4 hours back

                                  Bro : Thanos is a mad man, so coming up with a more sane plan - should not be hard. But it’s not a flaw of the film that the character is insane - he’s supposed to be insane.

                                  As for the idea that his plan is so crazy as to be implausible - Maybe you should examine various religious texts that involve ending all life - so that those who believe can die - but then somehow live forever in heaven, but anyone who doesn’t believe can die....but go to hell, or just have everlasting death.

                                  If this is God’s plan.... is that plane sane? Maybe God should render the wicked infertile and allow them to die. Why would God ever -kill- anyone? What is the point of the Great Flood and the story of Noah’s ark?? In this Bible Story - God killed everyone on the planet accept for Noah and his family, and then we started over. Different from Thanos...how?

                              • Madisyn Stanley (981MadStan)

                                Cinemasins dude: " I'm not made of stone"

                                Also cinemasins dude: gives movie 104 sins
                                Me: hmmmm...

                                Also, I'm sorry, I forgot his name.

                                • Perplexiq
                                  Perplexiq  8 hours back

                                  IT FINALLY HAPPENED

                                  • PhilipDe Kid
                                    PhilipDe Kid  8 hours back

                                    theres nothing wrong about the movie

                                    • Hunter C
                                      Hunter C  8 hours back

                                      Not too mention when peter parker returned all his class mates were still in high school, even though it had been 5 years since everyone dissapeared.

                                      • Hunter C
                                        Hunter C  48 minutes back

                                        @Summer Tyme I understand time travel perfectly but in endgame it shows a short clip of ned (Peter's friend ) Its toward the end of avengers end game were peter and ned reunited after the final battle. And ned is still clearly attending the school 5 years later.

                                      • Summer Tyme
                                        Summer Tyme  3 hours back

                                        Hunter C This is my all time favorite *sin* , not on the film but on the Lazy film viewer because it proves that the film goes over the heads of people who can’t even understand *time* much less time travel. 😂

                                    • kid at the partE
                                      kid at the partE  9 hours back

                                      It was good

                                      • The Critic
                                        The Critic  9 hours back

                                        My Friends: what happens in avengers endgame

                                        Me: if I tell you what happens it won’t happen

                                        • iririfvju pewdiepie
                                          iririfvju pewdiepie  10 hours back


                                          • Ashley D
                                            Ashley D  11 hours back

                                            Endgame is great fuck you

                                            • Summer Tyme
                                              Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                              Ashley D They know it. That hate great cuz they ain’t great. 😂

                                              Waiting for Snyder cut?

                                          • Ronni Abshier
                                            Ronni Abshier  12 hours back

                                            Ok but the squidward line was the funniest thing in any marvel movie ever.

                                            • Summer Tyme
                                              Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                              Ronni Abshier funnier than Jermey’s video that’s for sure. He isn’t even trying anymore - he’s just going for a patreon cash grab. Best comments in this discussion are the ones pointing out his many mistakes.

                                          • Baret
                                            Baret  13 hours back

                                            this was by far one of the worst movies of 2019.

                                            • Summer Tyme
                                              Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                              Baret Empty criticism with no facts. *ding*
                                              Endgame one of best reviewed films of the year and most successful film of all time.

                                          • amit vansover
                                            amit vansover  13 hours back

                                            Zero sins removed for “i am iron man” ?!!!!!!!!!!! Zero sins removed for the heart ache of his death?!!!! Boo

                                            • Byron Tam
                                              Byron Tam  13 hours back

                                              I have never heard of anyone pronounce yakuza in that way

                                            • M Taha
                                              M Taha  13 hours back

                                              Honestly don’t even care about this vid. Just here to say “get a life maybe”

                                              • Summer Tyme
                                                Summer Tyme  3 hours back

                                                M Taha It was supposed to be a big thing for the haters - but it petered out, having done nothing much, like a dry wind.

                                            • Hayford Sarfo
                                              Hayford Sarfo  13 hours back

                                              18:56 thé sin counter stays at 81

                                              • Timeseer
                                                Timeseer  13 hours back

                                                steve at the end did not teleport to a different reality, the story is that captain america always makes that same decision it has already happened, when you watch iron man 3 or something you know that at the same time somewhere old captain america is living with penny.

                                                • Summer Tyme
                                                  Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                                  “Old captain America”
                                                  ⬆️ Not a single scene in all the MCU can show old man Cap, prior to his appearance on the Bench in which per the directors - he came back from the alternate timeline of the past to give the shield from the alternate timeline to Sam. *There is no shield in this timeline.* Perceptive viewers caught this critical clue. Non perceptive ones keep scratching their heads, and get nowhere.

                                                • Summer Tyme
                                                  Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                                  Filmmakers have directly confirmed that Steve went back to an alternate reality.

                                              • Auto idiosyncracy
                                                Auto idiosyncracy  13 hours back

                                                I use my farts to cover other farts 👌😂 jesus christ

                                                • Hayford Sarfo
                                                  Hayford Sarfo  13 hours back

                                                  can’t wait for eww frozen 2

                                                  • Seth Long
                                                    Seth Long  15 hours back

                                                    “I feel like this problem was set up JUST to get Captain Marvel involved.”
                                                    Truer words were never spoken.

                                                    • Seth Long
                                                      Seth Long  5 hours back

                                                      And the quote in the comment is from the video.

                                                    • Seth Long
                                                      Seth Long  5 hours back

                                                      The hate of Captain Marvel is not based on Misogyny at all. Most people who claim that it is don’t even acknowledge the films that have strong women that were well-received by the public.
                                                      We don’t have a problem with strong women. We have a problem with bad writing, stupid decisions, and awful actors. We DEFINITELY have a problem with people who assume why we hate things. The claims of misogyny are lies.

                                                    • Summer Tyme
                                                      Summer Tyme  9 hours back

                                                      Banal observation that picks on Captain Marvel.
                                                      Captain America ditches a plane in the ice instead of jumping out - just to let him into the 21st Century.
                                                      Kal El’s father’s entire planet blows up just to get Superman to Earth.
                                                      Banner becomes an Avenger because the Space stone gives off Gamma radiation and he’s the worlds leading expert.
                                                      Why pick on Captain Marvel. Answer: Because you know there’s a built in audience of Captain Marvel haters who will ditto any *stupid bullshit* you make up.
                                                      Not to mention that the hate of Captain Marvel is rooted in misogyny which Jeremy liked to site and denounce until he whored this hate site out for money.

                                                      *ding ding ding ding* Booooo....

                                                  • TheLuckyHusky Gaming
                                                    TheLuckyHusky Gaming  15 hours back

                                                    *Thanos snaps his fingers*

                                                    Everyone in USA : “oh no”

                                                    *Russian, North Korean, and Iraq presidents die*

                                                    Everyone in USA : “ *Ehh.. it’s not that bad*

                                                    • Black Light
                                                      Black Light  16 hours back

                                                      We all knew we were getting a Sin back when Cap caught the hammer (ding).

                                                      • Griffin Chalem
                                                        Griffin Chalem  17 hours back

                                                        18:24 that line about Hansen fucking killed me XDXDXD

                                                        • Summer Tyme
                                                          Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                                          Griffin Chalem : Why you are pretending that his shixty Jokes are funny, when you know they are not? 😂

                                                      • Blubberface 23
                                                        Blubberface 23  17 hours back

                                                        I'm sorry but when cap gets thor's hammer, I literally started bawling in the theater, best part ever

                                                        • s star
                                                          s star  17 hours back

                                                          Is this guy on drugs

                                                          • Toon Bartholome
                                                            Toon Bartholome  17 hours back

                                                            I love this vid

                                                            • Mellissa fox
                                                              Mellissa fox  18 hours back

                                                              Literally, everything about this film is a sin. As much as I love Marvel and the MCU with all my heart. Wow.

                                                              • Summer Tyme
                                                                Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                                                Mellissa fox This is by far and away Marvel’s best film - and I don’t love Marvel with all my heart. Some of their stuff - which you like - is mediocre or even quite bad. EndGame is the most intelligent film by far that they’ve ever done and goes over the heads of many traditional fans of simpler comic book based films.

                                                                Note: This film has ‘fewer’ sins that almost all of the others ones - per this site as well. Which means nothing to me, but by inference that means something, to you??

                                                            • mreshadow
                                                              mreshadow  19 hours back

                                                              I may be a kid child but I believe baby lamb is redundant.

                                                              • Moses Bencomo
                                                                Moses Bencomo  19 hours back

                                                                Who the f*** is Craig?

                                                                • Mich Lin
                                                                  Mich Lin  20 hours back

                                                                  Lmao it actually came out

                                                                  • Jeremy Sorejian
                                                                    Jeremy Sorejian  20 hours back

                                                                    Nano tech glove
                                                                    Nano tech suit
                                                                    Tony can control the nano bots to move the stones

                                                                    • Summer Tyme
                                                                      Summer Tyme  11 hours back

                                                                      Jeremy Sorejian : it’s clear that many of the viewers of this site - don’t understand what nano tech is. They are quite clueless. 😂

                                                                  • Nikodim Zafirovski
                                                                    Nikodim Zafirovski  21 hours back

                                                                    Commenting on every video I see part 792

                                                                    • Logan Armer
                                                                      Logan Armer  21 hours back

                                                                      Okay so WHY it has to be TONY who snags the stones, it’s the NANOTECH. The gauntlet and his suite are the both the same tech so in theory if he touches his suite to the gauntlet. He can use that nano tech to essentially steal them off the glove and form it to HIS suite. Similar to how the gauntlet started small until Hulk needed it and then it adjusted and sized to him.