Thumper - 180 Class Whitetail - Missouri Rifle Hunt


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  • Joseph Stollsteimer
    Joseph Stollsteimer  3 weeks back

    Awesome buck

    • Wayne Schnare
      Wayne Schnare  4 weeks back

      Beautiful deer !! Congratulations !!!

      • BCP farm and trucking
        BCP farm and trucking  1 months back

        Awesome buck . You owe your dad lol. Enjoy your time with him 👍

        • Brett S.
          Brett S.  1 months back

          Excellent deer/hunt. I can't quite say the same about my Missouri hunt. Had a 10 on our farm I hunted hard all fall with hundreds of pictures that ended early October, probably 30+ hunts, ended up being killed opening day rifle season 4 miles away. He went 178 gross, almost made me sick!

          • Ever Gahr
            Ever Gahr  1 months back

            Thumper is humpin

            • greg fuzi
              greg fuzi  1 months back

              You put in a lot of work you deserve it nice job. Beautiful animal.

              • Kenneth McGovern
                Kenneth McGovern  1 months back

                Congratulations that’s a monster . Plus November 22 is my birthday . Great job

                • Rickey Engle
                  Rickey Engle  1 months back

                  what a beast,,

                  • Josh Castle
                    Josh Castle  1 months back

                    Great shot! That gun is a bad piece of business.

                    • Tattooed Lineman
                      Tattooed Lineman  2 months back

                      Those cel cameras are very helpful tools bud. Sounds like ya got yourself a great wife too, my wife would be like “ good does this mean you’re done hunting cause I need my curtains hung since September “. 😝. Congrats man

                      • Ds Scroggin
                        Ds Scroggin  1 months back

                        Hey I think we married the same woman.

                      • Sean McCrory
                        Sean McCrory  2 months back

                        Tattooed Lineman HaHa her hunt will be the next uploaded! We’re still after a couple big ones!

                    • ProGreen LAWN
                      ProGreen LAWN  2 months back

                      I did not expect a gun to go off! Made me jump!

                      • John Tartamella
                        John Tartamella  2 months back

                        That pure white squirrel was the real trophy.

                        • Sean McCrory
                          Sean McCrory  1 months back

                          John Tartamella they’re literally everywhere on that part of my farm I guess it’s genetic.

                      • MN TEAM HARVEST
                        MN TEAM HARVEST  2 months back

                        What a monster congrats

                        • Noah Wayman
                          Noah Wayman  2 months back

                          at the beginning or end of your next video you should post a pic of him when you first saw and named him.

                          • Cody Stewart
                            Cody Stewart  2 months back

                            Dude you past up two trophies. That solid white squirrel would be on my wall right next to him.

                            • Noah Wayman
                              Noah Wayman  2 months back

                              what a monster congratulations dude!!!

                              • Texas Jungle
                                Texas Jungle  2 months back

                                Dude what a freaking monster! I’ve only been five months in the outdoor YouTube world of constant creating! Love your channel

                              • Logan Coy
                                Logan Coy  2 months back